Saturday, May 29, 2010

PS I love you, Ireland short post. Greece part 2 still pending.

Just a quick and short diversion from my Greece travel diaries, but I was just watching PS I Love You and it came to the part where Hillary Swank and Gerard Butler met for the first time on a bridge....or rather, on THAT bridge. I was swooning when I saw the beautiful heather blooming on both sides of the road ( they weren't there when we went) when I heard Hillary say, that was her post-college trip and she started off from Greece. I swear we weren't trying to copy the storyline when we told our fellow tourmates the exact same thing! And yes, we were telling the truth all right!

I don't know why and what it is with places where movies were shot, but when I saw that part of the movie it was like, a thousand fireworks lighting up the sky at once! And it is So. Romantic. Swoon......

The bridge when we went a few days ago.

Has any of you had this sort of love? The sort that leaves you out of breath, intoxicated yet refreshed, and gives you a little spring in your step when you think of him/her? The sort that makes you 100% sure that he/she is The One, and anyone else would never do? The sort that would make you feel as if you'd died a hundred times over when he/she died?

I don't even know if I will experience this sort of love in my lifetime. I don't know if it is the sort of love that can only come out of movies and novels, idealised by people's imaginations. But hey, imagination is what makes the world turn round, is it not?

p/s: Obviously this is not all I'm going to write about my travels to Ireland. A much longer post will be coming up (soon, I hope!). I posted this just because I was too excited when I saw the movie. Yeah right.


jingguo said...

ohmaigod!! u went to imero!!!! that's like one of my to go place before i die list!!! hope u liked that place!!