Monday, April 27, 2009


So these few days the housemate and I have been doing a fair bit of shopping for stuff to bring to Scotland, and getting a little broke along the way.

I have been looking in many places for the best deal I can get for 2 skincare items I absolutely can't do without: Za T-zone cleanser and Za Metavoltage cream. You see, my face is the annoying type which gets blackheads and whiteheads all over, unlike most people who only have them confined to the nose and chin. So every week or so, these two products help me to clear up my skin so I won't look like I stuck a porcupine on my face when I walk out the door.

ie, I will DIE if I don't have these two products with me. Really.

But the thing is, these are considered as whitening products.
And as everyone knows, angmohs aren't exactly the most avid fans of whitening, unlike us poor asians borned with tanned skin.
So I am fully expecting scotland NOT to have these two skincare items in their stores.
Which means I have to stock up a shitload of these before I leave.

That is why I have been looking around for the best deal in town for them.
Because, you see, for some unknown reason, the prices of these items can vary quite much from store to store. Well this mainly applies to the T-zone cleanser....

Watson's #1: RM 23.90
Guardian #1: RM 27.90
Watson's #2: RM19.88 (promotion price!)

*at this point, it would make sense to get the 19.88 one right? but I do remember there was a time when 2 bottles of Tzone cost RM30, which was a better deal. so I passed on the 19.88 in search for greener pastures...*

Guardian #2: RM 24.90
Watson's #3: No stock!!!

*so at this point I was regretting my decision to not get the 19.88 one. but too late liao....*

Guardian #3: RM 19.88!!

And so I snapped up 2 bottles of the 19.88 T-zone.
Although there was a part of my mind still pining for the RM30-for-two-bottles deal, I guessed that 19.88 would perhaps be the best price I can get for now.

And then, I had an A-HA! moment.

Isn't this exactly like looking for a boyfriend? Or husband?

Throughout the years, you have seen good deals and even better ones around you.
And you know you have to get one of them.
But the question is, which one?

(okay, I know there is also the option of NOT getting one, but for clarification's sake do please bear with me and assume that we HAVE to have a boyfriend/husband. ok?)

So you shop around (well, literally) for good guys.
You vaguely remember one, who seemed like the perfect guy to you.
Think handsome, tall, athletic, intelligent, suave, kind, caring, considerate.....well, you get the picture.
So you set that as your golden standard.
But then as you shopped around, you come across many guys, who seem to be really nice and sweet but somehow doesn't really compare to the 'perfect guy' in your mind.
Then you meet one, the 'almost perfect guy'.
So you think, hmm, this is a really good deal, but what about the perfect guy lurking at the back of your mind?
So you pass him on.
Then you go shopping again.
But now the deals you get are not as good as the last one. Some places are even 'no-deal'.
Then you start regretting not getting the 'almost perfect deal'.
You think to yourself, that would probably the last time you could find such a good deal. No way you would come across that again, right?...
You REALLY do come across the 19.88 again.
Tell me, would you snap the 19.88 up immediately, or would you wait some more to find the RM30-for-2?

The thing is, in real life, there is really no such thing as the perfect guy.
As kids, we started off thinking that there were princes on white horses who would come to our rescue and sweep us off our feet at the stroke of midnight. And then we would 'live happily ever after', for ever, and ever, and ever.....
Then, as teenagers, we still carry some notion of the prince, but we still keep our eyes open, and compare every guy we meet to the prince in our minds.
After that, as young adults, the image of the prince on the white horse becomes increasingly blurred in our minds, and at a certain point, we finally realise that the prince was nothing but a mere fragment of our imagination.

And then I'm thinking,
Should one day, a guy were to come up to me and ask me,
'I am not a prince. Would you still love me?'
And I would reply,
'I am not a princess either. So that makes two of us.' =)


Friday, April 17, 2009

my happy day

And so today, is a happy day for me.

First of all is of course, getting my sem 5 EOS results yesterday.
Yes, I passed..though not exactly with flying colours.
But my results this time were better than last semester, and I'm satisfied.
This time round, I was fairly confident that I would pass all subjects, while last semester I lived in mortal fear every day fearing that I would fail something, cos I really had a shitty sem 4 EOS.
I don't know anyone else's results besides my own, and I have no plans to ask around. The last thing I want is to compare myself with others at this time. I have done my best, and for me, that is what that really matters for now.

I finished my hospital attachment today!
Honestly speaking, I actually enjoyed myself these 5 days. Saw a lot and learnt a lot. We (Szeling and I) clerked 8 cases in all, but I suppose only 7 of those could be used. The one that got away (so to speak) was a dengue case, in which some lecturers said it was allowed and others the opposite. It was actually a case of dengue shock syndrome leading to paroxysmal AF, and we thought it would make an interesting case. Oh well...

It may sound cliched, but I realised, after this attachment, that health really, after all, is wealth.
I have learnt to thank God every day for everything I have been blessed with, and not to sweat the small stuff. After all, what can be so bad, if I am still alive and kickin'? =)

We went for the beef noodles Seremban was famous for after finishing our cases. How amusing that Renyung (who is from seremban, and brought us to the shop) was also eating the noodles for the first time!

And Szeling is the best partner I can ever hope to get. I only hope that she won't be irritated by my indecisiveness and laziness, haha!

I have decided to let go. To 顺其自然。
I realised that the reason why I was so upset was because I was swimming against the tide. Sedangkan there was no reason why I should do that! I should have known better. So now I just want to enjoy the process, to enjoy life as it comes along. Life should not be taken too seriously, and I do have to learn to laugh at myself more! I have to learn to see the positive side of things, and to make the most out of even seemingly impossible and ridiculous situations. It certainly is a tall order, but I shall rise to the occasion.....I hope. =)

I got my sem 1 EOS results from AAD today!
So that's another burden off my mind.

I borrowed 2 wonderful books from the library for the weekend.

And this pretty much sums up my good day.

I am happy.
And that is all that matters for now. =)

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Found this piece of paper when I was cleaning up the mini (and messy) library in my home.




骂人时说“有爸死的”。 (you bast*rd)


My apologies to those who can't read chinese. =P

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

family history?

I just found out that my grandma has been taking risperidone for the past 9 years.

*Risperidone is an atypical antipsychotic, and a D2 antagonist.*

And I don't understand why she has to take it!
Aren't antipsychotics meant for schizophrenic patients?
But as far as I can see, grandma seems perfectly normal to me!

But then again, I know she has a tendency to 胡思乱想, especially during the period when my grandpa passed away. And sometimes her 胡思乱想 is really bizzare! But I shall not repeat it here.

Is this a symptom of schizophrenia? I don't know. She doesn't hallucinate nor have delusions.

On another note, one of my other relatives was also diagnosed with schizophrenia a few years ago, but now her condition is very well controlled.

So that got me thinking....

Since 2 of my second degree relatives have this illness, does that mean I'm predisposed to it as well?!
I certainly hope not. Am keeping my fingers crossed.


Why is it SO warm in Ipoh???
I hate sweating all day long.
I hate the icky feeling of sweat and grime on my body.
I hate the steaming hot heat of my bedroom in the afternoon when I can't even take a proper nap.
I hate downing can after can of chilled soft drinks. It's making me fat. But it. is. SO. WARM!

On the other hand,

I love being around my parents again.
I love being loved and pampered.
I love having nothing to do all day long (besides watching Grey's Anatomy all day long. Spoilers: I used to think that Izzy was a lil' crazy when she saw her dead fiance and had sex with him. Now I know there's a perfectly logical explanation for it! that's all I'm gonna say, so I don't spoil the fun for those who haven't watched it yet.)

I'm worried that my not having my sem1 EOS results will affect my visa application.

I'm worried that my blur nature when it comes to these red-tape stuff (and unconsciously avoiding any dealing with things that reek of bureaucracy) will cause me to look on forlornly while my batchmates fly to Scotland. Touchwood, hopefully I won't be left behind!

I'm worried that my medical results will be late.

I'm worried because I HAVE to worry about something.
If I don't worry, I would think, what am I missing?..

I seriously have to learn how to NOT worry.

Can anyone help me?