Friday, March 13, 2009

wouldn't it be nice to..

It's during trying times like this that I wish I were born in the medieval English period.
Like, Jane Austen's times.

I think, why do I study so hard? Why must I study so hard?
Would all that I study be utilised in my future career?
Is it worth it to be stressing my head off like this, for what? a few pages of words, of information that seems oh so important now, but probably wouldn't be of use once eos is over?
My parents tell me that what I'm studying now is the basis of my future career, and I believe them, no doubt.
But IT IS JUST SO DIFFICULT, right now, for me to study what I'm supposed to study.

So, back to my Austen musings.

I would be living with my family, probably a middle class one.
We would have 2 or 3 servants (which is considered normal in those times), a cook, and a modest carriage if possible.

My days would be leisurely.
Maybe I would have a governess, but I prefer not to.
I would be able to read all day long, and discuss the books with my sisters and brothers, and I would not be obliged to undergo an exam on it.
I would be able to play the piano(forte) all day long.
I would probably need to know French, other than English, and coupled with my extensive reading, abilities to play and sing, and probably draw a little, and I would be deemed an accomplished girl. No need to torment myself with hafal-ing the whole Rang and Dale book.

My conversations could be centered on how wonderfully broiled the potatoes were for dinner, and no one would call me shallow or think me silly, because why, girls during those times were supposed, or almost expected, to be silly, and converse about minute, unimportant things.

I would probably meet a nice (rich, if possible) man and after dancing with him at a few balls, have him propose to me and we'd be engaged. No need to paktor for 5 years before even thinking about marriage. Once one falls in love, one has to be engaged then. Nothing less.

And if my husband were to make ten thousand pounds a year, he would be deemed extremely rich! We would live in a beautiful mansion with paintings hung all over the walls, footmen to wait on us, and phaetons and ponies to bring us around the grand grounds of our residence.

Of course, if he were to make only a modest sum, I wouldn't mind living in a small but comfortable parish, with a medium-sized garden.

I would keep myself busy everyday with tending to the household matters, probably cleaning and cooking and looking after the children, if any comes along, that is.

My life would be centered on making my home a confortable one, and pandering to my family's needs.

My life would be uneventful, but happy and satisfied, in a modest way.

And not struggling to stuff gazillions of drug names and information into my brain!

Of course, a dream stays a dream, eh.
besides, I can't possibly transport myself back to the 1800s to live like that.

Just that sometimes, being a 小女人takes much lesser effort.
And it would be nice to lie back and let others take the reins for a while.

For a while only, mind you! =)


milochel said...

you still have time to hafal rang and dale... -.= i'm drowning in lecture notes and module guide itself...