Sunday, March 29, 2009


So I was just thinking about something a friend said to me some time ago.

Poring over it, and going over it round and round in my mind, actually.
You see, sometimes I have the tendency to overanalyse things, especially unimportant ones. And my PP2 paper.


just at that moment, this blared from my iTunes.

Talk of uncanny mind-reading abilities!
Just like that, I laughed so hard that all unhappy thoughts flew out of my mind.
And I realised I was probably just, simply, being 太多心。

Thank you, my laptop, for your timely advice.

And if you were wondering, that song is an old one of 光良品冠。
Name of song? 多心。 =)

Since my laptop has been my loyal friend for a year and a half,
being with me everyday whenever i need it,
staying with me quietly when I'm happy or sad,
and not grumbling when I neglect it for EOS.

I think I should give it a name.

Everyone, say hello to Dellie.

Yeah I know it's a little unoriginal, what with my laptop being a Dell model.
But hey, if the name fits, why not? =)

Just like how a certain someone is going to go by the name Natalie in about 2 months' time.


youzhuan said...

is natalie going by the name natalie?

cynthia said...

she will. if all of us call her natalie from this day onwards. muahahaha!

right, natalie?