Wednesday, April 1, 2009

family history?

I just found out that my grandma has been taking risperidone for the past 9 years.

*Risperidone is an atypical antipsychotic, and a D2 antagonist.*

And I don't understand why she has to take it!
Aren't antipsychotics meant for schizophrenic patients?
But as far as I can see, grandma seems perfectly normal to me!

But then again, I know she has a tendency to 胡思乱想, especially during the period when my grandpa passed away. And sometimes her 胡思乱想 is really bizzare! But I shall not repeat it here.

Is this a symptom of schizophrenia? I don't know. She doesn't hallucinate nor have delusions.

On another note, one of my other relatives was also diagnosed with schizophrenia a few years ago, but now her condition is very well controlled.

So that got me thinking....

Since 2 of my second degree relatives have this illness, does that mean I'm predisposed to it as well?!
I certainly hope not. Am keeping my fingers crossed.


Why is it SO warm in Ipoh???
I hate sweating all day long.
I hate the icky feeling of sweat and grime on my body.
I hate the steaming hot heat of my bedroom in the afternoon when I can't even take a proper nap.
I hate downing can after can of chilled soft drinks. It's making me fat. But it. is. SO. WARM!

On the other hand,

I love being around my parents again.
I love being loved and pampered.
I love having nothing to do all day long (besides watching Grey's Anatomy all day long. Spoilers: I used to think that Izzy was a lil' crazy when she saw her dead fiance and had sex with him. Now I know there's a perfectly logical explanation for it! that's all I'm gonna say, so I don't spoil the fun for those who haven't watched it yet.)

I'm worried that my not having my sem1 EOS results will affect my visa application.

I'm worried that my blur nature when it comes to these red-tape stuff (and unconsciously avoiding any dealing with things that reek of bureaucracy) will cause me to look on forlornly while my batchmates fly to Scotland. Touchwood, hopefully I won't be left behind!

I'm worried that my medical results will be late.

I'm worried because I HAVE to worry about something.
If I don't worry, I would think, what am I missing?..

I seriously have to learn how to NOT worry.

Can anyone help me?


weiluen said...

Actually i threw my results from sem 1 to haha... don't really know how and don't really care :P

cynthia said...

actually I'm also not quite sure if they want all our eos results..chin yeong said yes it may be required, and I checked online, it says 'relevant academic transcripts'. I guess essential ones would be our spm and a-levels' certs, ielts and muet, and perhaps sem 5 eos results slip? I really don't know...

youzhuan said...

oh me too. i tend to think too much... funny i didnt get insomnia during insomnia but i get it now..hahah!

wen chin said...

Uzee you sure are funny. insomnia when happy lol.

renly said...

hey tat day we went to SAD or is it AAD, whichever it was, cuz chin yeong wanted to reprint her result slip.. The person said need to charge rm100, that is if they even allow reprinting. BUT, the good news is, she said we will get a slip with all of our results..i.e. from sem 1 to sem 5, all in one slip.. so no worries=)

And btw, very often worries are self-inflicted. Just like how ppl think when u have exam, u HAVE to have stress, which u don't actually have to.

Try to analyse ur worries and probably you'll find that there's actually nothing to worry about. That's what i do when it comes to worries and stress. Im still learning tho. Hope it works for u=)