Friday, April 17, 2009

my happy day

And so today, is a happy day for me.

First of all is of course, getting my sem 5 EOS results yesterday.
Yes, I passed..though not exactly with flying colours.
But my results this time were better than last semester, and I'm satisfied.
This time round, I was fairly confident that I would pass all subjects, while last semester I lived in mortal fear every day fearing that I would fail something, cos I really had a shitty sem 4 EOS.
I don't know anyone else's results besides my own, and I have no plans to ask around. The last thing I want is to compare myself with others at this time. I have done my best, and for me, that is what that really matters for now.

I finished my hospital attachment today!
Honestly speaking, I actually enjoyed myself these 5 days. Saw a lot and learnt a lot. We (Szeling and I) clerked 8 cases in all, but I suppose only 7 of those could be used. The one that got away (so to speak) was a dengue case, in which some lecturers said it was allowed and others the opposite. It was actually a case of dengue shock syndrome leading to paroxysmal AF, and we thought it would make an interesting case. Oh well...

It may sound cliched, but I realised, after this attachment, that health really, after all, is wealth.
I have learnt to thank God every day for everything I have been blessed with, and not to sweat the small stuff. After all, what can be so bad, if I am still alive and kickin'? =)

We went for the beef noodles Seremban was famous for after finishing our cases. How amusing that Renyung (who is from seremban, and brought us to the shop) was also eating the noodles for the first time!

And Szeling is the best partner I can ever hope to get. I only hope that she won't be irritated by my indecisiveness and laziness, haha!

I have decided to let go. To 顺其自然。
I realised that the reason why I was so upset was because I was swimming against the tide. Sedangkan there was no reason why I should do that! I should have known better. So now I just want to enjoy the process, to enjoy life as it comes along. Life should not be taken too seriously, and I do have to learn to laugh at myself more! I have to learn to see the positive side of things, and to make the most out of even seemingly impossible and ridiculous situations. It certainly is a tall order, but I shall rise to the occasion.....I hope. =)

I got my sem 1 EOS results from AAD today!
So that's another burden off my mind.

I borrowed 2 wonderful books from the library for the weekend.

And this pretty much sums up my good day.

I am happy.
And that is all that matters for now. =)