Saturday, December 26, 2009

of christmas and edible babies

Merry Christmas everyone! =)

Unfortunately christmas this year was a quiet event for me. We did have a lovely party yesterday evening though, hosted by our future Nigella Lawson aka. Irene!! *cue clapping from people* The starter was garlic bread with thick creamy mushroom soup, main course was turkey with roast potatoes, a side dish of ham and carrot&parsnips, and dessert was baked bananas with apricot puree and a topping of Viennetta. Yum! The food was excellent indeed.

Then I went over to Jeannette's for the faux-christmas countdown. Why faux? Because we were talking away too happily before we realised that it was past 12am! But nevermind. More food and drinks here, including the talented Chan Sing's alcohol mix. I had no idea what the drink was but it was the most delicious concoction tasting of fruit and custard and egg yolks! Yum again. And we welcomed Christmas in the most traditional way possible: watch a horror movie. And spent the rest of the night seeing monsters burst out of people's stomachs and people eating other people. Merry Christmas indeed, huh.

Fast forward to today.

I spent my morning in the dullest way possible, ie revising for my PP3 resit exam. How pathetic. But what needs to be done, has to be done. Then the bestie decided to make gingerbread men in the afternoon, so Sinwee and I became her assistants. And watched movies on her laptop along the way.

I'll be (trying to) sleep early tonight so I'll be able to wake up at 6am in time for the boxing day sales. Hope I can drag my sorry self out of bed tomorrow morning before the good stuff gets snapped up. I need to get myself a knitted hat for our cold cold London trip, and I'm hoping the headband I've been eyeing since forever is on sale tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Merry christmas, indeed.