Sunday, December 20, 2009

when people from the tropics meet the first snow of glasgow

....they scream, shout, take pictures and throw snowballs at each other!

me and xinyi looking excited over the big blob of snow, and the rain of snow!

I didn't realise it when the snow started falling. I was sitting comfortable in front of my laptop, going through my usual daily routine of trawling blogs and websites, when I heard friends' voices from below...sounding very excited indeed! And I threw open the window, and lo and behold! White snow billowing down from the heavens, and covering the ground. Yay!

in front of excited people seeing snow for the first time.

brendan and I posing with the snow lol.

snow fight!

by the little river in front of SIPBS building

footsteps in the snow

The only downside of snow is that it complicates travelling and moving around, especially when it comes to flying. Many flights to and from London have been delayed, and even some Eurostar services have been stopped. Now I am a little worried that these will cause some hiccups to our upcoming London trip. Getting there probably won't be a problem as we will be taking the train, but I'm crossing my fingers that we will be able to fly back to Glasgow safely, and on time. Anyway I'll be packing some extra clothings just in case our holiday plans go awry.....but of course, hopefully not!

And of course, the awful weather. I really don't know exactly how much I should layer up so as to avoid becoming a human popsicle. A whole day out in a giant freezer isn't really a recipe for fun! Glasgow is still tolerable for now, but I'm not so sure about London. And I'm still debating on whether to stock up groceries and foodstuffs just in case Glasgow gets hit by an extraordinarily bad blizzard or covered in a foot of snow. Lets hope it doesn't.