Saturday, January 9, 2010

I don't need proof to show I'm growing older. my friends do that for me.

Just a quick post before I've to continue studying for the drat pp3!

I had a lovely birthday, thanks to my funny friends.

The blessed people took me out for dinner at Kokuryo (now changed to another name) for dinner, then brought out the surprise cake at 12am! And of course the gift. I was surprised at that too, because it was a little..erm, expensive. hehehe. But a million thanks to all my friends anyway, you know I love you.

the present & birthday card. lovely!

the housemates-cum-cakebakers!! love you lots!! muaxxxx

the lenglui neighbours.

downstairs neighbours + faithful gym buddy. =)

next door neighbours. youzee, why so funny? =)

me looking exasperated, & weiluen looking embarrassed. no thanks to the photographer(s). =P


And thus marks another year of my life. No longer a girl, not yet a woman. And still figuring out myself as always. That's what's called life, eh? =)

p/s: I won't be posting the rest of the photos till after pp3. do forgive me! but thanks mucho to my 2 lovely photographers Jane& Chingyik. =)