Monday, February 15, 2010

as if we still hadn't had enough biopharm

I hope this is not against Strathclyde exam laws, hehe.

Here's a question from our exam today.

Q: What is the cause of cervical cancer in humans?
A) Human papilloma virus
B) Human cervical virus
C) Yesseria virus
D) Vaccinia virus
E) Men



I can just imagine the lecturer who came up with this question, running out of options to put for (E), scratching his head, and finally decided to put the TRUE answer as the final option.

If I had the guts I would put (e) as my answer. After all, it IS correct, in real life!


cg said...

hahaha.. it would have been an interesting attempt, and see your lecturer's priceless expression hearing your argument on that. :P