Saturday, January 17, 2009

rant, rant, rant

I hate it when I study hard but don't get good results!

Mana itu theory 'You reap what you sow'? How come I don't see it at all?
It was just the same in my semester 4 EOS. Studied hard but results like shit.
Now pp2 too. 40 questions in the paper, I get 20 wrong. Sei mm sei?

Gone were the days where I could study hard and rest assured that my report card would look reasonably good.
Now, I study hard but I also have to worry about NOT getting good results.
Ah, I know.
I am in a state of high dissonance!
Which would explain my inner turmoil and emo-ness after the class test feedback.

How leh now?
What must I do to get good results? Study more?
But how much more is more? Is enough?
I really envy those who don't have to study really hard but yet always get good results.
Why can't I be like that too?
Or am I just plain dumb?

So I read that some drugs can help students in their pre-exams preparation.
Apparently they increase activity in the prefrontal cortex of the brain so as to increase focus, concentration, and mental endurance. (as in being able to study longer without going siao)
It seems that there were 60% of students in a US university who admitted to taking these drugs prior to their exams.
Earlier drugs like amphetamine and Ritalin, though being able to increase focus and all that, could cause tolerance quite fast and had many physiological side effects as well.
So now they are using drugs for the treatment of ADHD to help them study. Cos it seems these drugs work just as well, but minus the side effects and tolerance.
The catch?
All are POMs. Or illegal.

Now, if I could get my hands on these wonder drugs.......


flowerspirit said...

I want!!!
I actually went and googled it...
methylphenidate (ritalin), donepezil, and modafinil.
so cool!