Sunday, January 11, 2009

what else...btn camp la!

Just a quick post on the hot topic that's on the lips of all JPA scholars in IMU: the BTN camp!

Yes, it's unfair.
No, it's not right.
But no, it's not exactly that bad..

(this I understand from various blogs on the camp. One said that the facilitators treated them really well, and most of the marks does not come from the exam but from our participation in classes. and also that we would probably be able to pass our exams without much studying, just a little common sense. now isn't that refreshing?)

When life hands you lemons, the smart people would know how to grab the tequila and salt immediately!

As I see it, there are bound to be many utterly unfair catch-22 situations in life.
This is just the start.
And it can only get worse, when we start working, where *ahem* issues are definitely going to arise, and there is little we can do to help it.

I see this camp issue as a challenge.
Now, if I can go to the camp, pass the camp exam, AND score my class tests, wouldn't that entitle me to smirk in the faces of the BTN people and say 'neh neh neh neh neh' (with the appropriate hand gestures, if possible)?

And yes, I know my results are going to be affected to some degree by this camp, but it is my duty to do my best, no excuses. And if my best just aint good enough, at least I can rest assured that I have acted according to my conscience, nothing less.

You could probably call me a positive thinker, but I'd rather think of myself as invariably practical-minded.

If I AM to go to the camp, and if there WERE to be any racial and religious slurs thrown around by the facilitators (as rumours go), I would sit patiently and smile at them angelically. Why should I let someone who hits below the belt affect me? Why, if I were to be affected, that would mean I'm of the same level as them, wouldn't it? Oh no, I'm staying where I am, thank you very much!

And yes, cramping so much PP and DD information into my brain in such a short span of time is practically crazy, but I'm gonna do the best I can and leave the rest to God.

I believe I am stronger than this.

Now, I'll just have to prove it to myself.

Update 12th Jan 4.50pm: 万岁万岁万万岁!We get to postpone the camp! Thank you so much to Balqis, Siva, and Andrew! You guys are the best! *wide grin*