Tuesday, July 7, 2009


So yesterday evening a very kind soul brought us out for tapas and paella. A fantassimmo dinner we had there!

(btw, this is the same very kind soul who cooked lunch for us today. muahaha.)

Anyways, as we were walking back in the semi-dark glasgow night.
We stopped at George Square.
And I was staring at the Glasgow City Chambers, lit up brilliantly against the backdrop of a cool glaswegian evening.

And it struck me.

All this while, I have been quite blase about coming to study in Scotland.
To me, it didn't feel much different from home, except for the weather.
It was like studying in a cold KL to me.

But as I gawked at the buildings yesterday night, it hit me.

I'm in Glasgow!

This is scottish soil I'm stepping on.

And, it was like, a million lightbulbs suddenly lit up in my mind.
I'm here!
I'm studying in UK!
I'm living THE dream of many.

It's difficult to explain exactly what I felt yesterday, at that Eureka! moment.

I guess the feeling of stepping on foreign soil is particularly intense when I'm on 'holiday' mode.
But not in 'study' mode.

I'll have to learn to appreciate my time here more.
In time, I'll learn to love Glasgow.
I hope. =)