Thursday, July 2, 2009

maid horror

By the time this post comes out, many of my friends would probably have heard the story of my fantastic maid (hear my sarcasm dripping?). But I'll tell it here anyway, people out there need to know!

It started with my parents bringing home RM10,000 from the bank.
(If you're wondering, the money is now safely in the bank again. No need to go rob my house.)
The very next morning, they took the money out and only RM8000 was left.
Takan RM2000 disappeared overnight?!
Since the only people left in my home are my parents and our maid of 8 years, the obvious culprit would seem like the latter.
So my parents confronted her. She denied.
Then they went to her room and searched. No money found.
Then they contacted the maid agency. An agent was dispatched to our house to search again.
Guess what?

The agent found RM4000 in my maid's baju sembahyang.

That's not all!

She also found a knife hidden under my maid's mattress in her room!

It was the very same knife we thought had 'hilang' some time ago.

After that, the maid confessed that she had duplicated the key to our drawer, which we usually put our cash in. How she managed to do it is still a mystery to us.
(p/s: obviously now the drawer is no longer used for that purpose. Who knows how many copies of the keys were made by her?!)

Considering the fact that we have had her for about 8 years, I really don't know how much money exactly was filched from us over the years. I don't even dare to think about it. And this RM4000 was stolen from us in the 2 weeks she returned from her hometown in Surabaya. Only god knows how much she must have 'transported' home.

The sad thing about this whole game is that, our maid is actually quite a good one. She has singlehandedly run our household for the past 8 years, doing everything that needs to be done in our house. Although sometimes she will be a little lazy, for most of the time she is indispensable in our house.

Ah well. Thank goodness I had the good luck to be in scotland when the drama unfolded.

Now the difficult issue is to get another maid (or not!).
You see, my grandma is staying with us. And she wants a maid to keep her company when we're not at home. She's always paranoid that she'll fall down or have a heart attack or something when she's alone and no one would be around to help her.
But apparently Indonesian maids are now not allowed into malaysia now, according to some new ruling in our country.
So I don't know what's gonna happen now.
I can only hope for the best.


Life is SUPER BUSY oh my god!

Sometimes I feel like an express bus which had to run back and forth from Singapore to Perlis continuously for the past 2 weeks and hadn't had time to rest at all.

There is no time to cram all the information we've learnt into our brains, and before we know it, there's more new information to be learnt!

*prays hard that I'll be exempted from PP3*

Till my first PP3 class test,



cucu said...

oh my god!! that sounds creepy.. she has been doing it quietly..
anywaym good luck for PP3!! ^^