Wednesday, July 29, 2009

because I have a duty to assure my readers that I'm still alive.

Yes, I know I've been very silent these days.
No, I haven't been abducted by aliens or kidnapped.

I just have been using my brain a lot more than usual.

And by a lot, I really mean A LOT.

Well, I (or rather, the whole of P107) have been rushing lab reports, preparing for FMT1 and PP3 tests, and getting a whole lot of pimples along the way.

FMT test was...okay I think.

PP3 was okay too.......I think? *thinks a little harder*
I mean, I did all that I was supposed to do, and as far as I can see I have not killed any pseudo patients of mine. Yet.
So hopefully this time I'll have a positive mark on my paper.

How pathetic right.
The first time I told my parents this, they were like, "Um, you mean you hope you'll pass, right?"
Then I go, "No, I mean I hope I'll get positive marks. Like, the opposite of negative?"
Talk about lowering my standards!

And the other reason I haven't have had much to say recently is because...well, there really isn't a lot to say, actually.
Life's been uniform, but not unhappy. I've been keeping busy and that's good.


I've been thinking about this lately.

Is it right to base our opinions of someone, purely on others' opinions of that person?
I mean, what they say might (or might not) be true of that person.
So should we decide what sort of a person he/she is, based on those second-hand facts?

Like, if people around you tell you that this person (let's call him Jim) likes to borrow money without paying them back.
So do you believe them, and decline to lend Jim any money because of that?
Or if you choose not to believe people and you want to see the truth for yourself. Then you lend Jim some money. What is he pays you back promptly? Does that mean all those people were liars?

That's why I have always been very careful not to label any person or tell any tales. Though some of them may be true, I always prefer to talk good about everyone. And if that person is really a bad person, I suppose others would find it out in good time.

You may say, oh I should warn other people about this person's faults so they won't be taken in, but then again who am I to decide who is a good person and who's the bad guy?
I mean, no one's 100% good or bad, are they?
Much as we like to put everything, including people, in neat little boxes labelled black or white, very often that is not the case in real life. All of us are in the same box, the same grey box, aren't we?

Till the next time I have spare time on my hands (and that may be in a loooong time),



~@i Wui~ said...

sOOOooo true.. I like ur post wei..
Not long ago.. I was in the same situation as well.. dont know wat to believe and dont know who to trust...
However, I found the solution now ad..