Wednesday, October 28, 2009


...or are we?

I don't know if you've watched this episode of Grey's. It's about the merging of two hospitals and the first day of work when doctors and nurses and other health personnel from two different environments come together and work together.

Because the series is based in Seattle Grace hospital, naturally it would depict the people from the other hospital as invaders. Basically what the series was trying to say was that the SG people found the 'invaders' to be annoying, irritating, and at times, infuriating. All because the people had come to 'their' hospital to work with them.

I think the concept was that SG somewhat belonged to them, and they didn't like it when outsiders who were not welcome, came.

Then it made me wonder.

Doesn't it make sense?
WE are invaders too, in a sense.
115 of us, altogether, came here to study with the homestudents, who have been together since 3 years ago, and probably have formed tight friendships with each other.
then we come and ruin everything.
We invade their lecture halls, making it cramped and difficult to find a nice spot.
We invade their labs and libraries, reducing the number of books available for them to borrow.
We invade their cafes and canteens, eating their food and sitting in their places.

In a way, I wouldn't be surprised if they felt the same way as the good people in Grey's. We were the invaders in the first place.

Of course I understand that the episode was stating that in a somewhat immature way, but you cannot say it doesn't make sense. If a whole 100+ bunch of students suddenly came to study with us in IMU out of the blue, we wouldn't exactly embrace them, lock stock and barrel. We would also feel that our space was invaded, to a certain extent.

But then again, to the homestudents' credit, they have been nothing but friendly towards us.
My buddy has been most warm and welcoming towards me, and for that, I'm grateful.
I didn't go to the pub crawl, but what I heard, there was much mingling and it was great between us and them.
Then again, I probably shouldn't think in terms of 'us and them', right.


JX said...

She really isn't THAT hot, especially when compared to the likes of SNSD...for instance:

I dare you to show that to any of your guy friends and watch them drool. =P