Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a little something

1. Mood:
More towards crappy. cramps in my stomach making me tired and grumpy. Where did all that exercising go? I thought it was supposed to help with cramps. shoot.

2. List three things currently inspiring you.
Nothing in particular. Does a steaming hot cup of ginger tea count?

3. Doing what now?
Listening to jazzy music and trying to figure out our thromboembolic workshop.

4. Gladiator sandals?
I'm alright with them. Though I'm starting to think boots are the coolest shoes invented ever. =)

5. Lips and cheeks:
I haven't been using much lipstick, usually it's a slick of my Loccitane lipbalm and I'm good to go. Currently using No7's mineral blusher in soft damson.

6. What’s one quality you like about yourself?
Being neat and tidy.

7. Fragrance?
Victoria Beckham's Intimately Beckham.

8. Name three ways you’ve changed in the last 10 years.
10 years before I was..13. Form 1. Apart from about gaining a shitload of textbook knowlegde over the years, I suppose I have become more independent, and care less about what people think of me.

9. Outfit?
Since I'm in my room now, it would be a sporty long sleeve top and knee length pants, and fluffy bedroom slippers.

10. Weekly goals:
To at least get a start on my introduction for my research paper! There's only so long a girl can procrastinate.


And autumn's here!

Apart from the fact that leaves are turning shades of yellow and red, cold glasgow just became even colder.

I woke up at 9am yesterday and there it was, on my laptop weather widget: 0 degrees!
But it wasn't as bad as I thought. Even without the heater on and only wearing a normal t-shirt, I felt perfectly comfortable. Or perhaps our hostel buildings have very good inbuilt heat-retaining properties.

Sometimes I think that this world is so much kinder to beautiful people.
Life is so much easier if you're beautiful. You get the largest piece of cake, people actually stop to listen to you when you talk, and complete strangers will be nicer to you. You get to choose other equally beautiful people to be your spouse, and your children will also be beautiful. You get promotions at work more often, and most probably you will end up with an easy workload than others.

No? You disagree?
Well. Guys, do you dare to say that if given a gorgeous model and a plain ugly (fat, thrown in for good measure) girl needed your help, which would you be more inclined to help?
Girls, if a gorgeous, tall, hunky guy and a slight, plain guy with acne asked you for your number, which would you be more happy to give it to?

See, we're all shallow after all. Just that we don't admit it.
That's why plain people have to work twice as hard as beautiful ones to get to the same place.
It's a fact. Sad but true.

That's why makeup companies and slimming centres will always be in business.

Just thinking. =)

Oh and if you feel like doing the meme on top, feel free to copy and paste the questions and put in your own answers. It's good for a filler post when you have nothing else to say. =)



weiluen said...

Hmm...let me think, i would help the not so good looking (rather than plain ugly) and not so aneroxic (rather than fat)girl if i can...haha.. first, a gorgeous model wouldnt ask for my help and wouldn't need my help coz she can get help from anyone... and second, ya i kinda agree with you there, its hard to choose, need some thinking before deciding :P coz looks does give a first impression