Thursday, October 16, 2008

the aftermath of eos

I'm back!!
I have risen from the ashes....after getting burnt and tortured by the monster by the name of EOS.

This time, the study material was getting a lil' out of hand....
Normally I don't need much motivation to study besides the sight of the exams looming right before my eyes.
But this time, it is Just. So. Difficult. to memorise everything in the syllabus!
One minute I memorise them, and the next, they go poof! into the thin air, away from my brain.
(or perhaps I need Ginkgo biloba supplements)
Especially for DD1.
*for the uninitiated, DD=Drugs and Disease.*
So as a last resort, I came to threatening myself:
"If I don't remember this, I'm gonna kill my patients with my knowledge (or the lack of it!) next time. Do I want that? No."
So off I go, to memorise everything in the module guide.
But still, it doesn't really work that well.
I realised some things were never meant to stay in my brain for more than 10minutes.
The rate of information leaking out of my brain is directly proportional to the time lapsed after the second I put them inside.
So I did the next best thing.
I forced myself to wake up (and yes, the fear of failing eos is good enough a fear factor to wake up a person at 6am who normally doesn't open her sleepy eyes till 11-something) to go through my DD stuff before the exams.
Thank goodness for that. At least I won't 死得那么难看。


But at a point when I was really at my wits' end after failing to remember some stupid drug name or mechanism, I started thinking, why do I have to put myself through this?! I mean, I can earn a living and give back to the society by other ways, besides being a (lowly-paid) pharmacist, don't I? I could perfectly well become an interior designer and design pretty spaces and make people happy, and I probably wouldn't need to study half as hard as I'm now. I'd still make money, and I'm doing the people a service as well! And besides, truth be told, I was never that keen on being a pharmacist anyway, my first career choices, being fashion designer and interior designer, were turned down flat by my parents, and it was through elimination that I finally decided to put 'pharmacy' in my JPA form. At that time I didn't think too much about it as I thought I was probably not gonna get the scholarship anyway, so I'll still have 2 more years (Form 6) to think about it, but as luck would have it, a windfall came my way, and to put it in a not-so-flattering manner, I'm stuck with being a (boring?) pharmacist for at least the next 30 years. Not that I'm complaining with the scholarship, but sometimes I'm blown away by the fact that in a year and a half's time, I'm going to have the knowledge to cure someone as well as to kill! It's really mind-blowing!

So why am I gonna become a pharmacist?
Until now, I haven't really arrived at a satisfactory answer for myself.

But for the time being,
I'm free!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!

Am heading for the land beneath the wind this Sunday with my batchmates. =)

Till then, I'm just gonna enjoy myself!
And that, as all girls know, is SHOPPING!!! =P


*btw, ah ken's most recent post on how our eos resembles movies is just sooo gaddamm funny! I nearly shit my pants from laughing too much at that post. =P Go read go read!



aLiFf said...

wawa..EOS finished?enjoy ur holidayz!..remember me,aliff =)

cynthia said...

wow, I didn't know you read my blog aliff! you all also having holidays now rite? enjoy your hols as well! perhaps someday we'll be able to play badminton or tennis together again haha =)