Wednesday, October 8, 2008

spider watching and magic mushrooms

It's 2am in the morning and I'm taking a break from studying....

by watching a spider spin its web to trap an unknown insect (its food).

The 2 creatures just dropped on my study table from nowhere. Then the smart spider started dancing back and forth between my lamp and edge of my laptop (both within 10cm of each other). At first I thought what the heck was it doing (cos I can't see the web obviously) then only I realised, oh it's trapping the insect inside a cocoon! So that it can eat it! wtf I'm dumb okay, my natural sciences was never good to begin with...

So here I am, watching the spider dancing, dancing, and dancing...

In an obscene way it seems like the spider is having sex with the poor insect, cos the spider kept 'thrusting' its butt (sorry I don't know the correct anatomical word for that part of its body) in and out, and super fast can! Then suddenly the insect was lifted off the table and hanging in the air (with the support of the invisible net). I expected the spider to stay and digest its food, but somehow it went somewhere. I hope it didn't drop on my bed. (it's right behind my laptop!)

So the compassionate me *ahem* was debating whether to help the spider or the insect, which could be done as easily as moving my laptop away from its position. But then I thought oh well the spider has put in so much effort in spinning the cocoon so maybe I should just let it have its meal first then only put my laptop away or something. But where is the spider?..

Then suddenly the 'bound' insect started shivering, and I thought it was having spasms or something. (yeah I'm dumb, okay?) Then I saw the insect trying to unfold its legs from the cocoon, and with a lot of effort. After a while it succeeded, dropped from the cocoon and walked away. Just like that. And I thought the insect was dead when the spider caught it cos it wasn't moving at all. Maybe the spider injected something like general anaesthesia into the insect before it spun its cocoon?..I really have no idea. Maybe I'll google that up someday.

So the insect managed to escape from being eaten, and the spider has to wait for another insect to come its way. Which is quite seldom, assuming the spider lives in my room. It will probably have to starve itself for another, I don't know, 2 months?

The end.


So I came across this scientific name of magic mushrooms in our Health Promo module guide.

Psilocybe semilanceata.

And I thought of a brilliant way to remember it! (not that we have to...I think..)

是咯sibeh semi-lansi-呀他。
Psilocybe semilanceata.

Brilliant, no? =P
This is what happens when one studies too much of dry, dry, and drier stuff.