Monday, October 27, 2008 last!

Day 1 (19th October, Sunday)

Our flight was at 9.30am, and the few of us were a lil' too beria-ria when we decided to book a taxi at 6am! The taxi driver was kind enough to let the 5 of us (me, wenchin, sinwee, jacq, jason) squeeze into his taxi to the airport.

three ^_^ and one =_=

We reached KK at 12-something. Took a taxi to the Marina apartments (where we'll be staying for the next 4 days) and got a few tips along the way on the popular local eateries and tourist destinations.

After unloading our luggage at the condo, all of a sudden our air-cond went off. At first I thought someone had switched it off but then we realised.......putus elektrik! Just our luck. And our first day at KK some more!

So we went out in search of food. And again realised.....the whole of KK seems to be in darkness. Even KFC was bathed in candlelight, and me forever being the kaypoh quickly asked Ken to come see, it was so much like our speed dating muahaha =P

But in the end we didn't go for romantic Kentucky Fried Chicken, instead we went for not-so-romantic Chicken rice.

We spent an uneventful afternoon walking around Warisan Square and the Handicraft Centre. Didn't manage to get anything, I felt the items were way overpriced...

At night we had a smashing seafood dinner at ...was is Port View restaurant? I can't really remember the name, only the also-smashing prices of the dishes. But it was close to our apartment and apparently the food is also good (as recommended by the locals), so we keraskan kulit kepala and went for it. And I daresay the food didn't disappoint! =) Although the bill came up to a slightly shocking amount, it was well worth it.

Back at the apartment, King Cheong proposed a game called 'changing names', in which each player has to choose a name for themselves, and then cards are distributed to all players consecutively then if you get the same card as another player you have to shout out his/her supposed name, and the first person to shout out the name wins. In the beginning we played safe and stuck to people's and animals' names and whatnots...then we started having some fun by using drug names wtf, wenchin was dazoxiben, waijane amprofillin(what was it anyway?!), I became moxonidine, Aiwui was hydrochlorothiazide, Yeanleeng chlorofluorothiazide.....Sinwee's and kingcheong's I can't remember. We had a field day shouting all these tougue-twisting drug names that round! What a pity we didn't do this before our DD exams, it'd have been a great way to remember funny-sounding drug names...

Day 2 (20th October, Monday)

White water rafting! Need I say more? =)
Boy, was it a loooong ride to the rafting site! Sinwee was super syok (sendiri) playing all her funny funny games while we almost pulled our hair out figuring out the answer..

still playing the bang bang game after we reached the rafting place lol....
sinwee's the one with the widest grin muahaha

I was actually quite nervous before going into the water, my heart was pounding like mad! I thought it was gonna be dangerous and I might die or something...

us listening to the pre-rafting briefing

And the fun began! =)

It was almost like riding a roller coaster on the river, sans tali pinggang! We were all sitting on the edge of the raft and could fall into the water quite easily. Initially we were all terrified of falling into the water and gripped on to the raft with our feet for dear life! And somewhere in the middle our guide did try to topple our raft, but we all very smart geh, immediately berkumpul in the centre of the raft so he couldn't topple us.

The trip was a lot of fun, really. Although Kiulu river (the one we went to) was only a Level 1 and 2 (easy for rafting standards), I felt it was sufficiently fun, but Andrew said it was not challenging enough! Fine then Andrew good luck with Padas ya...I hope you won't be sucked into the undercurrent muahaha =P

We had 'body rafting' as well, where a guide had us drifting down the rapids minus the raft..
yeah, that's me...still got time to pose while being washed down the river...

As we were reaching the end of the river, almost everyone felt that it was getting a lil too boring, so all of us sendiri jumped into the water! No photos for this deed though...

And we had the most amazing barbeque chicken wings after our rafting. Or perhaps a growling stomach would have made anything taste delicious!

At night we had seafood again at a different place (but just as expensive!)

Day 3 (21st October, Tuesday)
National park!

It took us 2.5 hours to reach the KK national Sinwee again had us in stitches with her games on the way....wanna sleep also cannot leh sigh.....=P

We stopped to buy some (insert name of fruit here, I can't remember it lol), apparently it's a local fruit, and boy it was quite amazing indeed! It tasted a lil like nangka but the flesh is softer and the fruit is smaller in size.

Then we had our first glimpse of the majestic Mount KK on our way....
...and stopped by Pekan Nabalu, a small village selling souvenirs and foodstuffs en route to the National park. I got my first souvenir from KK, a green wooden necklace! *happyhappy*
At the national park.....
The canopy walk was scary at the beginning, I was so terrified that I might lose my balance and fall to my death. Kayin was also almost as scared at first, but after a while she started bouncing up and down on the bridge, much to the terror of the rest of us!

The suspended bridge was held together only by ropes, wooden planks and metal ladders, and fishing nets lined the side of the bridge. With every step we took, the bridge swung from side to side, more so when the (heavier) guys stepped on it! So I quickly walked ahead of everyone to reach the final 看台, but then I sorta regretted it cos I'd missed out on the view along the bridge...what to do.....

shaking with fear inside, yet I can still pose.. lol

Off to Poring hot springs....
er, what was sinwee's bag doing in the photo?..

We couldn't manage to fill up our own 'tubs', so in the end we just soaked in the common pool, and it was hot indeed! I could only manage to put my feet in, but the guys mandi penuh leh! We even joked that once they did that, they wouldn't become fathers anymore cos all the, ahem, spermies would be killed by the hot hot spring water muahaha =P

Then we saw Jacky!

Yeah, not Jacky Cheong or Jackie Chan, but Jacky the orang utan! He's this 10-year-old fella who came to the national park with a few of his companions, but the rest of them died, leaving him alone in this big bad world of humans. He's really so much like a human, I could actually see that he was irritated with our presence, he was pursing his lips and 'fa lan zar' the way old people do sometimes. He also picked his nose in front of us then put his boogies in his mouth! And he could put on a shirt himself, refused our bananas when we offered them to him. I felt that he was so kesian, not having any friends or relatives to hang on and play with, and as he's quite old he can't really find food in the wilderness and has to come to the world of humans for a few scraps of food, and in return he has to be gawked at by all sorts of people and treated like...a thing instead of an actual being.

Then we were brought to a private botanical garden which planted mainly roses, roses, and roses!

And Sinwee got flowers from a (not so) secret admirer! =P

And we actually saw a super huge rafflesia!
okay, maybe not.

this is the route our poor batchmates had to follow to the top of Mt KK.
Day 4 (22nd October, Wednesday)

Manukan Island!
Basically this was like any other trip to an island where we did things people were supposed to do when they're at a beach, so I'll let the pictures do the talking.

We had breakfast at this place recommended by our tour guide Mr David.

Okay, now to the island.

poor chun wai....always kena bully by us muahaha

All the others went for the Flying Fish except me and Kayin. I felt it was a tad expensive (RM70 per person), so we went snorkelling instead.

At night we went to One Borneo. Classier than The Gardens, cheaper than Midvalley. =)

why siva like very pai seh liddat?....

Day 5 (23rd October, Thursday)

Our flight was at 3.45pm, so we walked around a bit before that...
at the waterfront with the leng lui-s =)

then they had coconut water near the handicraft centre

And thus ends our trip to KK. The end. =)

p/s: many photos posted here are stolen from friends' facebook accounts, the others are my own. special mention: a million thank you's to Doreen, who planned and booked everything for us on this trip, from the airtickets to the accomodation and the travel agent. Without you, our trip wouldn't have been possible. Cheers! =)

p/p/s: all the events of this trip was recounted entirely from memory, so if I've got any of the details or chronology of the events wrong, please leave me a comment and I'll correct it, okay? =)



h@ppyboy said...

wow... such a nice trip.
ENVY ar :P

Li-V Wee said...

i know the fruit. it's called buah tarak. haha

Anonymous said...

Haha! My drug's name was amiodarone. King Cheong's clopidogrel if i rmb correctly. Yup the restaurant we went on the 1st nite is Port View.