Thursday, December 18, 2008

hangover w/o alcohol

I can't believe I'm suffering from a post-party hangover.
A post-class-party hangover, to be exact.
And no, no alcohol was served. But I think there's actually such a thing as adrenaline overdose, though technically alcohol is a depressant and adrenaline a stimulant and they aren't supposed to produce the same effect, but still....

I am so. freakin. tired.

There has been a consistent throb at the back of my head since I woke up this morning. Nothing too serious, but that niggling little hammer at the back of my head is becoming increasingly irritating...

Is this a hangover? I don't know. But I realised that recently I have become increasingly easily tired, especially after a day of shopping or some other particularly energy-sapping activity. How ironic it is, for me to go shopping 'to relax' but then I have to spend another day to recuperate from the 'relaxing'. =P

But anyway, to give credit where it's due, the flowers did a great job with the class party, they single-handedly organised it from scratch. (but I think they got a little help from the side as well..)


So I'll be having a 2-week holiday starting tomorrow.
It's perfect, really.
I needed to get away from IMU for some time, and I wanted to spend some time with the parents before school reopens and they don't have much time for me even when I'm home.
And speaking of parents, they actually went to Bali without me! Again! And they're planning to go KK in the next school holidays...sans me, of course. That makes it 3 trips without their pesky little daughter, which was unheard of in my family......until recently. =)

Oh and I'm bringing my homework home this time, hopefully my mom (who is better in computer stuff than me, I regret to say) would be able to help me with my Excel spreadsheets for my DD3 lab report! =)

anyways, till then!