Saturday, December 20, 2008

of meeting a former best friend

Yesterday something happened that made my very happy.

Because I met KC after a very, very long time.

KC was my best friend in high school. We sat next to each other in classes and often 'hang out' together with two other friends, you could probably call us a 'gang' I guess. Although our characters weren't that similar, we got along quite well, and had a great time during those three years. She was more of the quiet one, though I wasn't exactly talkative (the other two friends were =P ).

KC left Ipoh for matriculation after Form 5, and I left for National Service and subsequently, to do my A-levels in INTEC, so we parted ways after Form 5, and seldom saw each other. She got a place in UKM to study medicine while I got into IMU for pharmacy. Somehow we never got around to seeing each other although Bukit Jalil and Cheras (that's where she is) isn't that far away, and somehow I always felt she was very busy all the time, and didn't want to disturb her. Or perhaps I'm just a lousy friend. =P And besides (I say this with embarrassment) I'd met plenty of new friends in college and university, which kept me fairly busy, and I never did get to meet up with my high school friends when I was back in my hometown.

So you can imagine my excitement when I realised that the both of us were on the same bus back to Ipoh. =)

I actually saw her in the LRT to the bus station. I thought, hmm, this person looks very much like my friend! Then I saw her wearing an old-ish club t-shirt and jeans, and thought, hmm, her fashion sense is also like my friend. Then I thought, could this be KC?? But then as I stared at her, I thought she looked back at me too, and she showed no signs of recognition, so I thought I'd got the wrong person. But then when I went down the platform to board my bus, I saw her again....and this time there was no mistake, it was definitely her! Perhaps by now you'd be thinking, what a lousy friend you are cynthia, just a few years down the road and you can't even recognise your best friend? As a matter of fact I also think the same way, but you must also take into account the fact that I haven't seen her in more than 2 years..Do I get to be forgiven? =)

So I changed my seat to the one beside her, and we chatted non-stop throughout the entire 2.5-hour journey. We exchanged information, gossiped (but there was a lack of topics since I don't know her current friends and she doesn't know mine), talked a little about the future (like where we planned to do our housemanship), and also a little about boys (but then again there was a lack of topics since the both of us were always single and are currently very much so too). I only hope we didn't disturb the passengers sitting around us with our chattering and laughing! In short, we had a great time on the bus. It was the best bus journey I had!

Maybe she doesn't know this, but I owe her a great debt. She was the one who 'rescued' me from my 'gang-less' state in high school. She and the other 2 friends made me feel as if I belonged to a group, truly belonged and loved for who I am. If not for her, I would not have gained the confidence to make and keep friends and to believe that I myself am worthy as a friend as well.


So I'm home!
Been enjoying the company of the parents so far. Perhaps I haven't been around for long enough to irritate them. =P

I have high hopes for my 2-week holiday. I intend to at least complete half of my DD3 lab report, finish my posology and case law tutorials reports, and do a bit of studying.

Am keeping my fingers crossed that I will stick to my plan. =)