Friday, December 12, 2008

tired + economics talk

Today was really, really, really tiring.

Slept at 4am last night (no thanks to insomnia) and woke up at 7am this morning to prepare for our convo mag photoshoot. Obviously 3 hours of sleep is never enough for anyone to function properly, but still......Jumped around, splashed water, blew bubbles, and smiled until my cheeks hurt for our poolside shoot. Hopefully the pictures turn out to be nice!..

Then went for a talk by our very own Tun Mahathir and Nobel Economics Prize winner Prof. Robert Engle on 'the volatile economics nowadays' at Putrajaya. I originally wanted to go because of the nobel prize winner and I thought economics was sorta my field as I'm a unit trust agent and all, but as it turned out, I slept through most parts of the lecture. I don't know if I was too tired to appreciate the talks but I really couldn't concentrate on Prof Robert's talk on 'how volatile the market was'. I only managed to get some of his points of managing risk in the beginning, then I dozed off.

Actually in the first lecture by the Tun I was nodding off (I think I fell asleep at one point) but the stuff he was talking about was really kinda interesting and somewhat controversial, it managed to keep me half-awake throughout Tun's talk. And besides, it felt....blasphemous to fall asleep when our semi-demi-god of an ex-PM was giving a lecture! But sadly when it came to Prof Robert, I started to see stars.....then clouds.....then darkness. =P

Thankfully I recorded both the lectures, perhaps I'll listen to them when I have the mood?..(which is probably never!) anyone who's interested in the lectures are welcome to take a copy of them from me though!

The funny thing was, when the talk ended it was raining pretty heavily outside, and all of a sudden it started raining inside the lobby of the building as well! Bocor putrajaya some more! And it was actually 'raining' quite hard in the lobby, until some reporters started taking pictures of the leaking and another actually took a video of it as well! Anything is possible in Bolehland, aint it? =P

And when we were on our way back from Putrajaya, somehow the front window pane of our friend's car dropped into the....crevice? the space in the passenger door? what do you call that place anyway?...and couldn't be raised up again. And it was raining to boot! So we had to visit a car mechanic when we reached vista, and thankfully he managed to solve the problem temporarily...but the friend would still have to go change the spare part for the window to function again.

Then we went for dinner.

Then someone went for a Hep B jab and asked the doctor so many questions. =P


And thus ends my tiring day.

Okay, I know I was rambling. But really, I have not felt so tired ever since...forever? and yet I'm still blogging at this hour. Guilty as charged..for neglecting my health. Oh well.