Friday, December 26, 2008

just complaining

It's what I do best anyway. Complaining. =)

Before that, I have a lil' question to ask.
Am I really that muscular?

Some time ago, a guy friend of mine told me that I had very muscular forearms, and he'd seldom seen girls with muscles like that. Bizarrely, he asked me to do the 'Mr Malaysia pose' , that is to bend the arm 90degrees in front of the chest and flexing the muscles..can you imagine it? And all along I thought I was a 100% girly sort of girl type! (and in fact, the guy himself was the muscular one to boot! you can only think how embarrased I felt at that time.)

Then a few days ago, one of my badminton kaki-s (a guy too) commented that I had 'big' forearms, and asked if I practised taekwando. ?! Then he said also said, oh, seldom got girls with such muscle-y forearms. He's the youngest among all the male kaki-s so we got along fairly well (the others are all 'uncles') and I laughed along with him, but in my mind I was like, help!

See, I want to be muscular (as opposed to being flabby), but not to the extent that guys start noticing and commenting on them! Oh well...


Yet another complaint.

I don't like it when my mom and grandma speak to each other using the foochow dialect!
The thing is, even I have listened to it for pretty long, I still can't understand 100% of what they're saying. At best, I understand 70-80%, and I can't speak a word of the dialect! And neither can my dad. (we're both cantonese) So when mom and granny start talking foochow, me and dad have to 收声 (shut up). We can't join in the conversation! And I feel really uncomfortable. I feel as if we're.....ostracized? Diketepikan? Sorta like that I guess. And I don't like it! we're a family, we live together. So this shouldn't be happening! I mean, my grandma can speak and understand mandarin perfectly, so why can't all of us speak mandarin so everyone can understand? I don't think I'm being unreasonable here, am I?

(FYI, I told my mom about this, but they still speak in foochow to each other...old habits die hard...le sigh...)

Now that I think about it, it's exactly what Siva would feel when he's with us.. one indian with a group of chinese ppl.....speaking chinese! Like, you kinda know what's going on but you don't really know what's going on, and you can't join in the fun because you don't speak the language!

Siva, I'm so sorry....=P